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To TON or NOT to TON: a GIF Blitz

To TON or NOT to TON: a GIF Blitz

Okay, TONy, now you have a chance to be really, really funny with this title in which, as you can see, you will amuse your audience by showing your -ahem- Shakespearean knowledge, your wit and, of course, how much you got from both TON and Notcoin.

Consider that, as a TON ecosystem project, Notcoin is in essence a memecoin that aims to onboard thousands of new users to crypto -and more directly to TON- through basic gameplay. 

GIFs that not only bring smiles but make people aware of something. In this case, you will dwell in this question and solve the riddle… Should people join TON through NOT?


Task procedure:


  • Make your thorough research. Even though there are few sources, you can pick many interesting points on the Notcoin X profile and thread. 
  • Create Your Christmas GIF:
    1. Craft  your GIF focusing on both TON and Notcoin.
    2. Duration: Between 3 seconds to 7 seconds.


  • Feel free to use whichever tools, software or online applications or services you wish. Recommended tools include Canva, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Figma.


  • 🔑Include Keywords: Incorporate speech elements to support your idea, like the obvious "THAT is the Question!" or any other tagline you want, just to keep it funny and coherent.
  • ✏️Post your GIF on your X-Account, and do not forget to invite others to watch it and encourage your fellow TONys to make theirs, too.


  • 🏷️Use the following Mentions and Hashtags:
    1. @ton_blockchain
    2. #2TONorNOT2TON


  • 🌐 Publish Your X-post: Copy the link and paste it in the "Get information from external link" section upon task submission.



  • 💰 Individual Post Rewards: 100 Hub points for each valid post, plus regular X Program compensation AND all the points they can get on the community board.
  • 🥇Top 5 Most Engaged: Up to 700 points and 0.05 REP 
  • 🥈Top 5 Most Quality: Up to 500 points and 0.05 REP 
  • 🎁 The community selected winner will get the point amount on the community board plus 500 points and 0.02 REP!
Published on: 28/12/2023Due date on: 14/01/2024


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